Flying High in Air Safety and Saving Lives


Baron is a leading provider of aerospace NDT, with a team of professionals who have identified and reported over 1,000 discrepancies, potentially saving lives.

At Baron NDT, we don’t just inspect planes, we give them a clean bill of health before they take off – because at 30,000 feet, the last thing you want is a sick plane!”

— Mike Benson

UNITED STATES, January 6, 2023 / — In just five years, Baron NDT has established itself as an industry leader in aircraft inspection services. Their team of dedicated professionals, with decades of experience, has conducted comprehensive inspections of planes from top to bottom, inside and out, leading to the identification and reporting of over 1,000 discrepancies that have been fixed and may have potentially saved lives.

According to Baron NDT President Michael Benson, “Our mission has always been to provide the highest standard of aircraft inspection services globally. We are proud of what we have achieved in such a short time and we look forward to continuing our commitment to air safety for years to come.”

Baron NDT works closely with airlines and aviation organizations around the world to ensure that each aircraft meets or exceeds industry standards before takeoff. Through their partnership and use of modern technology like infrared imaging, digital radiography, and phased array ultrasonics, they are able to detect and prevent potential issues that could compromise passenger safety. Their zero tolerance for substandard aircraft has led to an increase in safe flights and given passengers peace of mind when traveling.

At Baron NDT, their commitment to protecting the safety of travelers knows no bounds, as they strive towards their goal of zero tolerance for substandard aircraft and continue to make a positive impact on the aviation industry.

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